Singing and quiz competition organized at Mercy Path Centre in Nimikoro village.

On establishing Jesus Christ as the saviour and introducing the teaching of the Bible to children in primary schools, Mercy Path has embarked on a day teaching and empowerment end of year bible introduction child gathering at the Nimikoro community, Kono district on the 15th December 2017.

According to the program organizers, a volunteer of the Mercy Path team Mr Maturie said, the purpose of the program was to see that young people and children being spiritually empowered through the teachings of the bible and the establishment of Jesus in the heart of young people including children. This Christmas activity organized by Mercy Path features the participation of four primary schools including, UMC, RC, KDEC and the PRE-PRIMARY schools. To capture the attention and willing heart of the children, activities that were undertaken includes quiz and singing competitions. The quiz questions were designed from the concept of the birth of Christ and the entire bible history and stories. The group singing competition was aimed at testing the ability of children to praise God/Jesus in their own local language (Kono).
Ending the day with a very good successful and exciting program for kids, Mercy Path awarded all the participants (over 100 children) with Christmas gifts (books and other learning materials) to know more about Jesus and the bible.

Commending Mercy Path for it good work in the community and the entire Kono district, Mr Philip Musuaamie and Madam Theresa Matturi with open and joyful heart said, the program was a good and interesting one not only for the children but also for them as teachers in the community, as they were able to learn more and gained lot of experiences. Teachers representatives promised to replicate all the experiences and knowledge gained to their colleague teachers and other children who were not present in the program by bringing children and teachers together in regular bases to teach them about Jesus and the bible.

Giving thanks to Mercy Path and calling on Renate Boss (CEO) for more support towards the development and empowerment of young people both in the spirit and other aspect of life growth, Steven Mboya from R.C primary school, and Ester Moigua from K.D.E.C primary school said, they were happy, joyful and excited for the program because a lot about Jesus and the bible was though which they never knew. They confirmed learning more about Jesus and the bible which they believe will keep them closer to God through his spirit.

The kids further said that the experiences gained in the program will also help to excel in their academic work and will do all their best to establish Jesus and the bible in their communities both in schools and at home. In conclusion, both the teachers, pupils and parents present called for the continuity of Mercy Path in Nimikoro and the entire Kono District to transform the minds of young people including children.

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