Violence against women and girls is on the high increase all over the world especially Sub-Sahara African countries including Sierra Leone where women and girls are direct victims of forced sex, sexual harassment, FGM, teenage pregnancy, child labour, early girl child marriage and many more.
In its mandate of ending violence against women and girls, the 2107 16days of activism with its theme "TOGETHER WE CAN END GBV IN EDUCATION", activists are coming together to stand up for women and girls in setting up a system that can address challenges faced by women and girls in realizing their potentials.
Considering the potential risk of women and girls in vulnerable and abandoned communities including GBV, limiting them from reaching their rich potentials, Mercy Path is a youth and child advocacy Community Base Organization in the services of youth and children including girls, is coming up with three days advocacy events with the aim of joining activists all over the world to " END GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE (GBV) IN SCHOOLS " and to SAY NO TO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND GIRLS.

The activity is design to meet with individual victims, communities, schools, stakeholders, through community outreach and sensitization to identify ways of addressing Gender-Based Violence in Schools. Mercy Path in its vision believes that these activities will help map out advocacy tools to be used in the fight against GBV in schools and the wider community.

There are so many activities going on right across the world including Sierra Leone on how to empower and stand with women and girls in the fight against Gender-Based Violence. Mercy Path and its partners including volunteers shall engage in the following activities with the vision of eradicating GBV including:

- Community outreach (public rally)
- Visitation of schools
- Meeting with stakeholders including victims
- Radio discussion
- Site visitation (Godreach community Freetown, Yengema Kono District and Weoley Castle Birmingham)
- Family coaching
- Public speaking
- Praying

The Mercy Path team and volunteers will use friendly and inclusive systems in reaching communities, victims and stakeholders to have a common ground to elaborate on issues of GBV in schools and how they can be addressed even at community and family level. These strategies include the following:
- Mice rally
- Black card campaign
- Counseling sessions
- One on one interviews and coaching.

The general phenomenon and expected result of this particular campaign include but not limited to:

- Identifying the drivers of Gender-Based Violence in schools and the wider community
- To identify advocacy tools that can be used to fight against Gender-Based Violence
- To strengthen and empower women and girls including victims of Gender Based Violence with information on Gender-Based Violence and its effects on individuals, communities and the nation etc.
- To establish cordiality within the education sector especially in schools were women and girls can realize their potentials.
- To get stakeholders involved including school authorities, teachers, pupils etc. on the fight against Gender Based Violence.
- To reduce the stress of victims through counselling and coaching.
- To identify issues affecting women and girls in their communities including schools with regard to Gender-Based Violence.

Mercy Path as a community based organization believes in facts and realities on issues affecting young people including women and girls and find possible solutions around victims in addressing them.
This is a three days activities proposed to start on the 8th, 9thth, 10th and concludes by prayer on the 17th of December, 2017 in the UK.

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