Gender-Based Violence outreach campaign at the Quarry Godreach community transformed into a call for education.

Our 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence outreach campaign transformed into a call for education for over 30 children and adolescent girls at the Godreach Quarry Bango Farm community who have no means of education because families cannot simply afford it.

On the fourteenth day of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, Mercy Path as a child advocacy community-base organization that is sensitive towards the eradication of GBV that women and adolescent girls face by men or other classes of people in schools, work place and the wider community, an outreach campaign was organized at the Godreach Quarry Bango Farm community on the 8th of December, 2017 to compliment the efforts of Government, NGO's, individuals, communities and families working on issues affecting women and children including adolescent girls with a drafted concept on the theme "TOGETHER WE CAN EDN GENDER BASE VIOLENCE IN EDUCATION", the purpose of the outreach campaign was to educate and empower women & adolescent girls with information on GBV which transform into a call for education and development by the women and children including adolescent living in the Quarry Bankgo Farm community.

As a country in the sub-Sahara Africa, women and adolescent girls in Sierra Leone faces lots of issues regarding GBV including forced sex & harassment, FGM, teenage pregnancy, girl child labour, early girl child marriage and many more. The women in the community were happy to receive the Mercy Path volunteer team and called for actions to address problems surrounding GBV. The interesting discussion on GBV continues till when the community people including children especially adolescent girls called for support on education and development.

In her statement when transforming the GBV topic into a call for education and development, Madam Bintu Gibrill who is strong community woman said, their community is being raffled into a poverty community because, women lack the basic livelihood supports to upkeep their families, children including adolescent girls lack education and the entire community lack an institution that can support children's education and youth empowerment especially women and adolescent girls.
Madam Bintu continue to say that, if the community can get help from any Government, NGO, individuals and families, that will a plus victory towards the development and transformation of the lives of vulnerable people living within especially on education which seems to be their bitter cry and request for an urgent and immediate intervention to establish free education in the community.
Madam Haja in her contribution called for livelihood supports to develop the human resource capacity of women and adolescent girls in the community. 

As women and adolescent young people living in the Quarry site, they are facing lots of human rights violations and threats including stigmatization, discrimination, lack of education, which needs an urgent attention to save the lives of women and children in the community. The Quarry Bango Farm community women and children including adolescent girls on the plead calling for the empowerment right to education, they confirmed that education can move the entire community out of poverty, help develop the community, reduce hunger and dependency and increase the participation of women and girls in decision making.
It's is a true need that, the Bangor Farm community needs available, accessible, acceptable, adaptable, quality, free and useful education for the children and young people. It was a real and true cry of the community people calling for education, life skills support and development etc because they urgently need and deserves it to change their lives and the entire community they live as they are tired with Quarry work (stone cutting) which lead them into a lot of disappointment and cry.

Pictures from the event

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