Thank you, everyone, for your kind donations. I am extremely grateful for the clothes and books donated for this latest shipment and I cannot thank you enough for supporting Mercy Path. The 5500 Christian resources by SGM Lifewords which were donated between October 2016 and April 2017 are being shared in communities during our sensitization events and at least 300+ girls and boys have benefited from these books so far. 

Marva Miller from Birmingham donated three barrel of clothes and shoes for girls and boys and adults in October 2016, a very big thank you to her as she is still driving around with more for Mercy Path.

Bill Hopkins from Birmingham who is constantly donating more book to Mercy Path is simply a blessing, may the Lord bless him and his family.

Thank you, Kathryn Groombridge and daughter, Ruth from Small World at St Davids who actually bought new children’s reading books. Kathryn is such an incredible individual who spends her entire week making others happy.

Many thanks, Cate Bennett and Mom for the lovely blanket which was given to a young mother at our latest event.

God bless everyone for the love and support towards Mercy Path. 

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