Yesterday was the pre-launching of Mercy Path Kono District Centre which according to the coordinator the event went very successfully Glory be to God. I could not personally host the ceremony held at the Jaiama Nimikoro Town Barreh unfortunately as I hoped but I can only thank the Lord for the wonderful team (my coordinator, secretary, treasurer, public relation official and my reporter) I am blessed with and I cannot thank them more. They are all volunteers and I am so thankful for their support, hard work and commitment towards Mercy Path.

All the Chiefdom's section chiefs were present including Miss Memento Dumba, World Vision representative and various medias from across the district also attended the pre-launching.

Hence I was not going to be present for the gathering, Secretary suggested an audio voice to be recorded for the ceremony on our last conference meeting. After three trials, I managed to have a final piece with less background noise of my two lovely boys (oh yes we did it!). The audio tape is recorded in  Krio, the lingua franca and the de facto national language spoken throughout Sierra Leone, and I also included my native language, Kono which is my mother tongue. 

The program of activities which I was asked the very last minute to prepare is as follows:

Opening prayer
Welcome address
About Founder
Founder Message
About Mercy Path
o Overview
o Vision & Mission
o Focus Areas
o Centre Activities
o Registration
Items presentation
Lord’s Kids performance
Closing Prayer

The Lords Kids children's group, unfortunately, were absent from the program but everything else went just as planned according to the coordinator. First and for most I want to thank God for his love and grace, without him nothing is ever possible and with him everything is possible. A special thank you to the team who are so much committed, Mercy Path cannot function effectively without you. To everyone who came out many thanks to you all.

The centre opens coming Monday onwards. Listen to the message below.

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