I would like to commend Victor Davis and Lucy Pilla for their wonderful work at AYV Television’s Caught On Camera where national issues are discussed.

It is indeed irresponsible of staff allowing pupils to the National Stadium swimming pool during school or lesson hours which is totally unacceptable because parents strive so hard to afford their school fees. I also agree that the pool is over capacity and should a risk of drowning occurs it can be very difficult to identify this on time. One out of every five people involves in water accident are under 14-year-old according to a report by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
In another hand, I will disagree on a potential swimming ban because I believe activities can have a positive influence in child's development. Children should not only partake in swimming activity during festive periods, this will mean depriving them of the benefits it has to offer.

According to Johnston Memorial Hospital, swimming provides an effective opportunity for exercise for children and adult of all ages. Swimming generally involves cardiovascular activity, which both heart and lung condition are enhanced through the exercise. The activity and movements involved in swim strokes can also increase strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.
It is known that children who struggle with childhood obesity can benefit from the activity and also the risk of developing diabetes can be avoided. Children should start swimming activity as young as 6 months already. It's just that these are all luxury in Sierra Leone.

I will agree on age limit if they were unsupervised and also that they should be allowed at a certain time in the day, not during school hours.  I will suggest a swimming class where qualified children have issued ID. By so doing they will gain swimming skills equipping them with water skills that will increase water safety, which, however, even children who know how to swim are not prevented from the risk of drowning. They should be at all time supervised by an adult even when they become the greatest swimmers.

I completely agree that the Saturday lesson is an avenue for teachers and should be stopped. Also highlighting that parents should monitor their children and also spending time with them at weekends it is correct because it is very important in child's development.

Renate Boss

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